Significance of Sport Integrity

 The word ‘integrity’ in ‘sport integrity’ is translated as ‘integrity’ or ‘honesty’, and has come to be used mainly in Europe to mean protecting the value of sport from problems such as doping, illegal gambling, cheating, violence, and lack of governance of sports organisations that threaten its value (Takashi Katsuta, ‘What is ‘Sports Integrity’?: From the Current State of the Sports World Regarding Integrity).

 In the Third Basic Plan for Sports formulated by the Sports Agency on March 25, 2022, under ‘(12) Ensuring Sports Integrity’ in ‘Chapter 3: Comprehensive and Systematic Measures to be Taken in the Next Five Years’, it states that ‘Japan will enhance its sports integrity and promote clean and fair sports in an integrated manner, so that the people and society can fully enjoy the value of sports’.